Monday, May 27, 2013

new home continued.

as promised, my living room.  my mom found me the most wonderful lane mid century modern sweetheart chest.  all of the original documents were still inside with the sweetest little catalogue of other mid century modern pieces available during that time period.  for some reason, i have been on an extreme mid century modern kick.  i can't wait to replace the cream color chair in my living room with this fabulous reproduction rocker (still searching for the best price).  until then, my living space is still slightly a work in progress, but i couldn't wait to share!  my favorite part is the small outdoor space through the sliding doors where, knock on wood, i have been able to keep a few plants alive.  my hummingbird visits daily and i have spent many an evening reading and enjoying the warm breeze.

Isn't that chest a beaut?  Momma did me good!

color and light... two of my favorite things.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

sophia's baptism

today, i attended my first greek baptism for the lovely miss sophia.  i was given the privilege of creating the floral centerpieces and helping to coordinate the reception.  what a blast it was to see my sister's boyfriend's family in action... it all felt very familiar to my family's italian gatherings except for the wonderful greek language spoken amongst the family and friends that added another layer of excitement.  the flowers turned out beautifully, but sophia was definitely the center of attention in all of her baptism glory (seriously, can't get enough of those big, brown eyes!!).  thank you, angie, nick and sophia, for allowing me to participate in this special day!

lots of blooms.
lots of blooms.
exhausted from the ceremony.
seriously in love.
look at those eyes.
sister and boyfriend.
proud ma and pa.