Tuesday, January 29, 2013

hand made chevron shades (and a little peak into my old room)

handmade roman shades were a bit trickier than i imagined, but they turned out fabulous in the end.  the white and yellow chevron brightened up my room and popped against the dark woodwork.  i am now living in columbus, but, at the time of these photos, i was living in my tiny bedroom in dayton (many closets are larger than my room). the roman shades made it homier and blended in nicely with my eclectic array of furniture and decor.

chevroned wall

my little sister's room was in dire need of a makeover, so, a little over a year ago, i took my first journey into chevron-dom and never turned back.  this wall was the bane of my existence, with all of the measuring, leveling and taping.  in the end, i am extremely jealous that it is in her room and not mine.

new life to an old desk

 up-cycling is one of my favorite hobbies.  it is so fun to take an old, worn down piece of furniture and make it new again.  i do not refinish/refurbish furniture, nor do i claim to know how, but i do know how to add a bold, unexpected color to an old desk and turn it into a kitchen island (complete with casters and a butcher block counter top).  living in a 550 square foot apartment with the tiniest of tiny kitchens, being resourceful is a must! my 1 square foot of counter space just wasn't going to cut it, so my kitchen island came to life and i love it dearly.


as you have probably gathered from my blog name, i have an unhealthy obsession with chevron.  chevron fabric, chevron furniture, chevron decor, chevron clothing... chevrons are essentially taking over my home.  they are so chic, simple and bold.  why not add them to my walls? 

Monday, January 28, 2013

my life, 9-5

a little over a year ago, i began my professional career at Justice, designing girlcare and footwear.  i now "own" the footwear department and have been giving the ultimate gift in the corporate world... design freedom (to a certain extent) as an assistant designer.  i rarely show what i do in my 9-5 life, so thought i would spotlight some of my most recent designs that just hit stores.  <3 Justice

Giddy Up!

when i was little, i absolutely loved galloping around on my fake horse for hours on end.  naturally, when i saw this tutorial, i HAD to make these for my fave 4 and 5 year old.  the horse in the tutorial was a bit underwhelming for my taste, so i livened them up with fun fabrics, bright manes, print mixing and button eyes.  reed affectionately named her's "rosa," while becks decided "beckett" was the only appropriate name for his. (again, i am terrible at documenting my projects, so these are the only photos i have :( )


designs for nuggets

some of my all time fave items to design are clothing/accessories for babies (aka "nuggets").  who can't resist a mini beanie or scaled down halter (in chevron, of course)? 


hanging silverware

i'm slightly obsessed with a print that i found online many moons ago, but was too cheap to purchase the actual print.  instead, i decided to recreate it, adding my own twist, and find it to be entirely charming for a kitchen and/or dining room.  this one was gifted to my lovely neighbor, but i have a nearly identical one hanging in my own kitchen.

my first quilt attempt

although i have been sewing for years, i have never attempted to create a quilt (except for the horrid, sorry excuse of a quilt i made in home ec).  my lovely cousin, maria, was expecting her first little one and i found this to be the perfect opportunity to get my toes wet in the world of quilting.  she chose not to find out the gender of the baby, so picking out fabrics/colors ended up being the most difficult task.  i love how the quilt turned out, however, i doubt i will be making another one any time soon!

up-cycled bench

during the spring/summer, i am an avid garage-sale-goer.  i despise goodwill's and thrift stores, yet i find garage sales so intriguing and exciting.  i go with no specific goal in mind and often leave empty-handed.  however, this one particular day last summer, i spent my saturday afternoon bouncing from garage sale to garage sale in hopes of finding a weekend project.  much to my excitement, i found this amazing bench, completely neglected and begging for a caring owner.
my design wheels started spinning and i almost immediately knew the perfect fix for this sad bench.  a few coats of spray paint, a new,upholstered bench and a splash of chevron later, i had a new piece of furniture that i will forever cherish (all for under $20, mind you).
i cannot for spring and the re-emergence of garage sale-ing glory.  until then, i will bask in the sunny-ness of my re-imagined bench.

blog beginnings

my life consists of a constant yearning to craft, design, up-cycle, create, bake and decorate.  i have completed so many projects, undocumented and often times overlooked, never getting the attention they deserve.  my goal is to highlight my diverse array of projects and give them a place to shine, a place where they will not go forgotten, a place where they can live on forever, if only for my own remembrance of projects past.