Sunday, March 17, 2013

time to dine.

in a little over a month, i will be moving here.  yes, i am officially moving to the 'burbs and i couldn't be more excited.  this is the first home that i have lived in that will have a dining area (also doubling as my craft space), so a dining set was definitely in order.  i have dreamed of owning a farmhouse table but knew it was way out of my budget.  thankfully, this amazing woman, second to martha stewart in my book, saved the day with her free plans for any size farmhouse table a gal could possibly want.  her step by step instructions were easier than easy.  with the help of my super handy neighbor, jason, we built my dream table in a matter of hours.

naturally, i couldn't have my dream table without a set of equally dreamy chairs.  hence, the hunt began.  for those who don't know me that well, when i want something, i obsess until i find it.  ugliness doesn't scare me... i'm up for any challenge and am convinced that paint and fabric (and a staple gun) can save the world.  after scouring through many a thrift and consignment shop, i found my perfect chairs at a hole in the wall antique shop in columbus ($100 for four chairs? please and thank you).

yesterday morning, my chairs looked like the above (i must say, something about walnut stained wood makes me want to vomit).  yesterday afternoon, a few coats of spray paint brought these babies to life! turquoise dining chairs? why not!

today, i went to the fabric store in hopes of finding a colorful floral or traditional ikat.  of course, i instantly fell in love with this fabulous navy and off-white chevron.  i tried to erase it from my memory as i searched for something different, but my heart had decided.  chevron it is.  predictable? maybe. boring? absolutely not.

 i was feeling a bit of a disconnect between the fabric and the brightly painted chairs, so why not paint an accent chevron?  does that make me slightly less predictable? probably not.

at the end of the day, i am thrilled with my new dining set.  now, i have to patiently wait to put it to use in my new home.  lets hope this next month goes fast or i may planting a dining set in the middle of my current, 590 square foot apartment.